Easily manage live video all in one place

Antillia Talk is a web-based platform designed to help enterprise and Support Teams do more every day, build video-based applications for the platforms you need. Manage video connections with a few clicks. Perform real-time analysis with Antillia Talk.

Our Products

Our Features

Voice, video, and data communication.
SDKs of JavaScript, iOS, and Android are available. Customers can focus on application development.
Video conversation, Data communication, and Signaling are all encrypted, which enables secure communication.
Many functions are provided such as TURN, multiuser connection, and screen sharing.

Some industries Antillia Talk Fits

 IT & Telecom
 Media & Entertainment
 Retail & Consumer Goods
 Public Sector & Education
 Transportation & Logistics

Industry Antillia Talk empower

 Customer Care
 Tele sales
 Social Media

Value Added Service

 Video Recording
Video Analytics
 Share Files


Antillia Talk is a new standard for real-time communication by voice, video, and data that can be used with browsers and native applications.

Antillia Talk is CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) It provides server groups such as Signaling, TURN, and SFU, required for use in the form of API. Customers can deploy their services globally without worrying about managing and operating infrastructure.